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402 Beaver Street`
Sewickley, Pennsylvania 15143


Esthetics is a spa and hair salon located in Sewickely, Pennsylvania, and provides guests with expert facial skin treatments, hair styling, cut & color treatments, manicure & pedicure treatments, waxing & hair removal, and massage. Esthetics Salon and Spa has been dedicated to enhancing the lifestyle of their guests in the Greater Pittsburgh area for 25 years.


Skin Revision Treatments

Our specialized Skin Revision Treatments are centered around Danne Montegue-King paramedical skin products, the most active skin care line available. Whether you want to revise problem skin or achieve healthy maintenance for years to come, a customized solution will be provided by our Estheticians that is unparalleled anywhere else.


Basic Enzyme Treatment
The DMK Basic Enzyme Treatment acts as the foundation of all our skin treatments, and is the perfect place to start your skin care regimine. This treatment employs the use of enzymes that penetrate beyond the surface of the skin, restoring it's structural integrity and health from the inside out. By working with the natural processes of your skin to eliminate impurities and toxins, your skin will be revitalized at the basic cellular level, creating a firm, healthier surface that you can see and feel.

Bihaku Treatment
Through the years, the daily wear and tear of environmental elements and aging leaves the skin uneven, coarse, and feeling unhealthy. The DMK Bihaku Skin Brightening Treatment is a revolutionary program employing a new blend of prescriptives that elimiates these imperfections and pigmentation, and leaves an instantly brighter, more even and luminous complexion.

Prozyme Vitamin C Therapy
As Danne says, this specialized enzyme exfoliation, which pairs Vitamin C with a new prozyme formulation, 'muches' away the most harsh dead skin cell debris. This instant dissolution of damaging dead cells allows deep penetration of collagen-building Vitamin C, creating softer and clearer skin that functions in a healthy way.

Power Peel Micro-Dermabrasion Treatment
Drastically reduce the appearance of fine lines, crow's feet, and other signs of aging with this treatment, which couples an effective dry crystal exfoliation Power Peel of dry, dead skin cells with the nourishing and rebuilding properties of an Enzyme Treatment. Eliminate the pronounced signs of aging and be left with fresh, younger looking skin that achieves greater refinement in a quicker period of time.

Pro Alpha Treatment
Often used as a less invasive substitue for cosmetic surgery, this treatment is an 'integrative aesthetic approach to skin restoration and renovation,' meaning it employs multiple elements in treating pronounced signs of aging such as uneven skin, wrinkles and fine lines, hyperpigmentation, sun-damage, and even scarring. Our professionals methodically apply a unique blend of alpha and beta hydroxyl acids, or AHAs and BHAs, in a series of layers based on your skin type and condition. This treatment must be followed by an Enzyme or Muscle Contouring Treatment, which  to complete the exfoliation and rebuild and revitalize the structural integrity of the deeper funtioning of the skin.

Please contact us for pricing information for each service, as may vary based upon the technician's level of expertise & experience. All prices are subject to change.