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402 Beaver Street`
Sewickley, Pennsylvania 15143


Esthetics is a spa and hair salon located in Sewickely, Pennsylvania, and provides guests with expert facial skin treatments, hair styling, cut & color treatments, manicure & pedicure treatments, waxing & hair removal, and massage. Esthetics Salon and Spa has been dedicated to enhancing the lifestyle of their guests in the Greater Pittsburgh area for 25 years.

TransGenesis Creme

DMK Limited

DMK has always been committed to Building a World of Confidence from the Outside-In. After 40 years of providing life-changing results in over 30 countries worldwide, DMK decided to enter the luxury skincare market with a full range of 8 brand new skin products.

The DMK Limited range was born on the principle that everyone deserves to live equally. Our mission of equality drives us all and our results-driven products sustain us.

Each product in the DMK Limited range offers a unique purpose with specific results achieved.

TransGenesis Creme


TransGenesis Creme


We may not be able to travel back in time, but we have learned how to transcend it's effects on your skin.  TransGenesis creme utilizes advanced ingredients targets cell renewal, elasticity, firmness, and moisture retention.

Marine sourced enzymes encourage skin cell turnover and renewal without irritation. Multiple Peptides supported with Amino Acids, Essential Fatty Acids and other Nutrients encourage new baby collagen and overall skin health. DMK has also added Glycosaminoglycan to help restore maximum moisture levels, Filaggrin modulators lock in moisture and Beta Glucan to support the skins immune function. Finally, Red Caviar Enzymes from Norway deliver a smooth, refined texture, as they gently exfoliate and renew skin cells.

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Key Benefits to your skin:

  • Improves firmness and elasticity
  • Diminishes fine lines and wrinkles
  • Reduces damage from inflammation and free radicals
  • Reduces dryness and leaves skin plump and moist
  • Gentle exfoliation reveals healthy, younger looking skin
  • Improves immune function and protective quality of skin